Create an orchard full of money yielding trees.

Thank you for playing :)

How to play:

To plant a sapling click on the sapling icon in inventory, then on a empty spot in the orchard.

The tree will start to grow, it may take some time, don't worry you can leave the page and come back later.

To chop down the tree, click the axe icon then click on a fully grown tree, a circle will appear, you cannot plant, harvest or chop down any other trees during this time.

When the tree is harvested a log will appear inside your inventory, you can sell it in a shop or make planks out of it and sell those for larger profit.

Using the money you made, buy more saplings, proceed until you can fill the whole orchard with trees.

Good Luck.


If you don't have anything in inventory, click the gear icon and click "reset" then the hand icon.

StatusOn hold
Made withp5.js
TagsBoring, Casual, Farming, idle, Mouse only, Relaxing, trees
Average sessionAbout an hour


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Is it possible to add a buy-25 option for the saplings? (buy just enough to fill the field)

If you already have upgrades implemented, could you please give a sign of them?

if else, could you please add a workspeed upgrade? (make the wait-circles go faster)

Thank you for the comment. I am currently working on the upgrades system, the workspeed is definitely one of the upgrades.